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Drop/Add Period

Add/Drop Fall 2020

Online Add: There will be no green add cards this fall. Instead, beginning Monday, August 24, faculty will enter an online approval in BannerWeb granting permission for students to add. For instructions on adding approvals in BannerWeb, see our webpage.

  • When faculty enter an online approval to add, students should log in to BannerWeb and register for the course. The online approval overrides all course restrictions except for time conflicts. Students need to resolve time conflicts themselves by dropping the conflicting course. 

FY Add: In addition to an online approval to add, all First-Year students must also be given an alternate PIN from their advisor to add.

  • Advisors can view alternate PINs for, FY students only, in BannerWeb at the beginning of the fall semester.

Guidance: Faculty should avoid the common practice of inviting students to the first day of class to see about adding. 

  • In many cases, physical distancing requirements in classrooms will not accommodate this practice. Instead, all add permissions should be granted electronically. Students will be told not to attend any course unless they have been given permission to add.

Drop: Students can drop courses in BannerWeb through the end of the add period (Monday, Sept. 21). Beginning Sept. 22 – Oct. 12, students must email the course instructor and their advisor for permission to drop. Email permissions should be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar.

 Feel free to contact the office of the Registrar with any questions. 

Normally, students may make changes to their course schedules during the first two weeks of classes by dropping and/or adding courses. After the first two weeks of classes, they may no longer add classes to their schedules, but they may drop them. All students may drop classes until the end of the fifth week of classes. It is therefore important that students have a sense of their progress in their classes prior to the end of the fifth week; please plan your syllabi with this in mind. Withdrawals from a course after the fifth week of the term are permitted only for exceptional personal or medical reasons, with the consent of the Administration Committee.



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