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Moving Allowance

New faculty may be given a specified amount of money to subsidize certain moving expenses incurred during their transition to Middlebury. Guidelines for the appropriate use of the funds should be observed.

Since all moving expenses are treated as taxable income, we process these particular reimbursements through the payroll department rather than through Accounts Payable. It is not necessary to submit an Expense Report in Oracle Finance to be reimbursed for moving expenses.

Instead, if you received a moving allowance, please email Erin Kilpeck ( and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Employee Number
  • Total reimbursement amount (note: if your reimbursement was capped at $2,400, please make sure your reimbursement request is for no higher than $2,400 – even if, for example, the moving company cost $4,000)
  • All receipts

Note: Moving Allowance costs are considered a benefit and are taxable income per the IRS. Amount used will be included in the employee's taxable income for Federal, FICA and State withholding purposes and they will be taxed accordingly.

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