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U.S. citizens/Green Card holders:

You are required to submit Form W-4 to Human Resources to let the College know how many withholdings you wish to claim. Your state taxes will be set up the same way as your federal taxes. If you would like state taxes to be withheld differently, you will need to submit the appropriate state form and submit it to the Human Resources Offices. For Vermont the form is called Form W-4VT. Your current withholding can be reviewed on BannerWeb under the Employee tab.

When you go on sabbatical and leave the U.S. for two semesters, you may fill out a form to claim exemption from withholding federal income taxes. Please see the Tax Office’s website and the section on Going Abroad for further information.

Foreign Nationals:

You will receive an email from the Tax Office asking you to submit your address, passport and visa history information. The Tax Office will use the information to determine your tax status (resident alien or non-resident alien for tax purposes) and prepare tax forms for you. You will be contacted by the Tax Office to let you know when the forms are ready for you to sign at the Human Resources office. In addition, the Tax Office will contact you every year in early January, letting you know about your tax status for the new calendar year and whether you need to sign additional tax forms. For non-resident aliens, the College provides tax software which is used to complete the federal income tax return. An email with information about the software is sent late February.

If you go on sabbatical and leave the country, please contact the Tax Office in order to determine how your payroll taxes should be set up while you are abroad.

Further information can be found on the Tax Office website. Questions about tax matters can be emailed to

Academic Administration
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Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753