Faculty Professional Development Fund (FPDF)

(Administered by the Dean for Faculty Development and Research)
  • Up to a total of $3,000 in any fiscal year, pro-rated according to FTE
  • Conference travel up to $800 for conference(s) when not presenting
  • Language Teaching Assistants: Conference travel up to $650 for one conference per academic year at which a Language Teaching Assistant is making a presentation
  • Support for research needs:
  • Examples of covered expenditures: travel, supplies, up to $250 per year for membership fees to professional organizations (included within fiscal year allocations)
  • Examples of expenditures that are not covered: dissertation research, personal journal subscriptions, books
  • This is not an entitlement nor does it accumulate from year to year.
  • Deadlines: reviewed continuously, submit applications one month prior to travel.
  • FPDF web Application form¬† If you are off campus, you must be connected via GlobalProtect to complete the form.

Academic Administration
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Middlebury College
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