Academic Leaves and Leaves of Absence

 Academic Leaves of Absence (Research Leaves) are granted to enhance the scholarly and teaching capacity of the individual faculty member and to promote the general interest of the College.

The Faculty Leave Program is overseen by the Dean for Faculty Development and Research. Information about the leave program, supporting tips, things to consider, and grant seeking requirements can be found here

Non-Academic Leaves of Absence fall under three categories:  Medical Leave, Parental Leave, Unpaid Leave

At a minimum, qualified faculty are entitled to the unpaid leave provided by the College's adherence to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Policy.  These leaves may be requested for the following reasons: the foster placement, birth or adoption of a child; care of self or certain family member(s) with a serious health condition; certain exigencies arising from a family member's call to active military duty; or to care for a family member injured while on active military duty. (See the Employee Handbook for eligibility and other details or contact Human Resources for more information.)

Medical Leave

Faculty who find that they need a leave of more than three days for medical reasons should arrange to meet with or contact the dean of the faculty who will inform the faculty member of applicable policies.  

Parental Leaves

Guidelines for this program can be found in the Faculty section of the Middlebury Handbook.

Other Unpaid Leaves

General guidelines and information about eligibility can be found in the Faculty section of the Middlebury Handbook.

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