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Major Worksheets

Use these forms to help plan your major requirements

Biology Major Worksheet

ESBI Major:  Please see the Environmental Studies webpage.  


Other Forms*:

Mammal Order Form

Purchase Request Form

Student Reimbursement Form (mileage and/or supplies)

*Student Researchers:

Also see the Forms and Worksheets page under Independent Research (500/700/701) for additional forms.

Note re: gas for van & car rentals: If you fill up at the College (pump is at the Service Building by the auto shop) you are not charged for gas.  If you use an outside vendor vehicle (e.g. Enterprise) you will need to pay for gas.  If you use a college vehicle and fill up somewhere else, or are on a long trip, you can sign out a gas card from Vehicle Rentals, so you aren't charged for gas. 

Stockroom Purchases:
  Students who have budgeted for supplies available through the Stockroom, should fill out a Purchase Request Form and indicate "Stockroom" under vendor. List the items as appropriate, referring to the Stockroom Online Catalog if necessary.  Advisers can email it to Carrie Donohue, or sign a paper copy for students to take to the Stockroom. 

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