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Students at Middlebury have a wide variety of options for engaging in research with a faculty mentor.

Informal opportunities for collaborative work can include technician positions or summer research assistant fellowships. Formal research opportunities are available to students enrolled in BIOL0500 (Independent Study). Often students who have completed 1 semester of BIOL0500 or BIOL0700 go on to enroll in BIOL0701 (Senior Thesis). Many student projects culminate in journal publications or presentations at professional meetings. For examples of student research click on the photos below.

Further information about independent research in the Biology Department and BIOL0500, BIOL0700, or BIOL0701 can be found in the Independent Research pages of the Biology website.

For additional information on undergraduate research at Middlebury College please visit the Undergraduate Research Office webpage.

You may also want to check out this NSF funded guide for undergraduate researchers:  "The Web Guide to Research for Undergraduates"

Prof. Glen Ernstrom’s thesis students present their research at the 21st International C. elegans Conference at the University of California, Los Angeles, June 21-25, 2017:

From left to right: Julie Merchant (BIOL ‘17), Max Greenwald (NSCI ‘18), Kate McCluskey (NSCI ‘18). 

Prof. Dave Allen and Research Students, Summer 2016


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