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Placement Exam Results Interpretation

After you complete the Chemistry & Biochemistry Placement Exam, you will receive a numerical score. Based on the score you receive, follow these instructions below.

Scores 24 and up:
Congratulations on passing the Chemistry & Biochemistry Placement Exam! Based on your score, you should take CHEM 0104: General Chemistry II. 

Scores of 22 - 23:
This score is slightly below a level we feel comfortable recommending placement in CHEM 0104: General Chemistry II.  Depending on how you felt the Placement Exam represented your knowledge of chemistry, we leave the choice of CHEM 0103 or 0104 up to you.  If you feel comfortable with your knowledge of chemistry, you may want to consider starting with CHEM 0104: General Chemistry II, which will require that you request a prerequisite waiver from the Chemistry & Biochemistry department chair or the CHEM 0104 Professor before you register.  However, if you are not sure of your knowledge of introductory chemistry, then you should start with CHEM 0103: General Chemistry I.

Scores 21 and below:
Your score did not place you in an advanced level chemistry course. You should register for CHEM 0103: General Chemistry I.

Further Inquiries:
If you are at all confused about your selection, please see the Chemistry & Biochemistry faculty at the Academic Forum or email Prof. AJ Vasiliou (, with your chemistry background and she will be happy to answer your questions.

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