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Environmental Studies Approved Cognates

Below are approved cognates for students matriculated Fall 2018 or later, as well as for students matriculated pre-Fall 2018 who have selected to follow the current ES major requirements.

Two cognate courses must be selected from the approved list of cognates, subject to the following:

  • cognates must represent an academic division outside the division of the student’s chosen focus (see academic division for each focus below);
  • for students focusing outside the natural sciences, at least one cognate must be an approved natural science cognate with a laboratory;
  • one cognate may be integrative (representing two or more academic divisions).

Because integrative courses represent more than one academic division, they inherently represent an academic division outside the division of the student’s focus; therefore, all integrative courses can be counted by all majors toward completion of the cognate requirement, subject to the rules above. Not all approved cognates are offered each semester. Please check with the relevant department to determine course offerings.

Arts division foci: Architecture, Dance, Studio Art, Theatre

Humanities division foci: History, Literature, Writing, Religion/Philosophy

Natural Science division foci: Biology, Chemistry, Geology

Social Science division foci: Psychology, Economics, Policy, Geography, Sociology/Anthropology

The academic division or “integrative” designation is indicated for each approved cognate below. Natural science courses are divided into those that satisfy the lab science requirement for students focusing outside the natural sciences and those that do not.

Please click HERE for the current list of approved cognates.

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