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International Politics and Economics Learning Goals

The International Politics and Economics program educates students about the fundamental theoretical concepts of economics and political science, international economic and political dynamics, and foreign languages and cultures.

The principal components of this education are:
  1. Knowledge of major paradigms in economics and political science (in particular, comparative politics and international relations)
  2. Competence in a foreign language
  3. Study abroad
  4. Advanced work
Goals and Assessment
  1. Disciplinary Training: Students must demonstrate familiarity with the disciplines of economics and political science by completing six courses within each discipline. These courses introduce students to these fields' methodology, theories, and key analytic concepts.
  2. Foreign Language Training: Students must demonstrate competence in a foreign language taught at Middlebury College. Competence is determined by language department standards for study abroad, or through a placement exam. Foreign language study while at Middlebury is strongly encouraged. In addition, students are encouraged to study content courses in a foreign language while abroad.
  3. Study Abroad: Students must study abroad for at least one semester.
  4. Advanced Work: Students must demonstrate their ability to conduct independent work by engaging in research and in-depth analysis that culminates in meaningful written work. Qualifying seniors may also write a Senior Honors Thesis.