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Senior Prize

Samuel Guarnaccia ’30, MA’36 Senior Prize

Awarded annually, the Guarnaccia Prize recognizes an outstanding graduating senior majoring in Spanish.

The prize was created to honor the memory of Samuel Guarnaccia ‘30, MA ’36, professor of Spanish from 1940 to 1968 and Director of the Spanish Language School.

The original initiative and funding for the prize came from one of Guarnaccia's former students, Lee Farnham ’60. Other significant donors that have contributed to the award include Nora Wright and Judy Roesset. Since 2015 it became an endowed prize recognized by the College and announced at the College senior awards ceremony.

The award aims to showcase the work of students who pursue a major in Spanish. In order to be eligible for the award, students must be nominated by a member of the Luso-Hispanic Studies Department faculty. Each nominee then submits what they consider their best piece of academic or creative writing, multimedia work, and/or collaborative projects utilizing the Spanish language. The Guarnaccia jury, composed by professors of the Luso-Hispanic Studies Department, evaluates student merits and the work submitted, taking into account the department’s mission and learning objectives. The jury awards one First Prize in the amount of $1200. The winner is announced and celebrated during the Seniors reception held by the Luso-Hispanics Studies Department at the end of the academic year.

Student Work:

The 2020 Samuel Guarnaccia '30, MA'36 Senior Prize was awarded to Caitlin Francis 'Fran' Magruder. 

The award committee said Fran's essay “El mestizaje de explotación en la ‘Grandeza Mexicana’ (1604)” is a keenly insightful analysis of Balbuena’s poem, where she demonstrates how indigenous agency is erased by means of the mythification, appropriation, and exaltation of the material grandeur of Mexico’s capital. In addition, this essay showcases her masterful argumentation skills and superior command of the Spanish language. 

The $1000 prize is awarded annually to an outstanding graduating senior majoring in Spanish.

Felicidades Fran!

The 2020 Parkerian Award was awarded to Frank Gavilánez.

The award committee said the following: Frank Gavilanez is an IGS Latin American Studies major, with a concentration on Brazil and has taken Portuguese courses since his first year at Middlebury. He spent two semesters studying abroad at the C.V. Starr School in Niterói/Universidade Federal Fluminense. His course work has consistently been of sublime quality. As merely one example of his stellar work, the paper he submitted for his nomination is a very well written socio-historical analysis of two laws that mandate the inclusion of African and Afro-Brazilian as well as Indigenous content in schools. The project is very well organized and nuanced in its analysis. The level of academic prose, as well as the level of critical analysis on Brazilian social formation, is superior and at the level of seasoned scholars. His selection as the winner was unanimous.

The $750 award was established in 2008 with proceeds from a gift given to the College in 1822 by Mr. Daniel Parker Esq. and Professor Frederick Hall.  It is awarded to a graduating senior for excellence in speaking a language taught at Middlebury.

Parabéns Frank!

Four Students, Three Faculty Present at Spanish Sociolinguistics Workshop at the University of Puerto Rico on April 13-16, 2016, read about it here.

Recent Faculty Books:

Feldman, Irina. Latin American Marxisms in Context Past and Present. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019

Castañeda, Luis. RESISTIENDO AL IMPERIO. Política internacional, 2019

Higa, Mario. O Hóspede. Portuguese Brazilian, 2018

Castañeda, Luis. Mi madre soñaba en francés. Alfaguara, 2018

García, Enrique. The Hernandez Brothers: Love, Rockets, and Alternative Comics. University of Pittsburgh Press, 2017

Chávez Castañeda, Ricardo. La niña del Derosipam. Editorial Ink, 2017

Higa, Mario. Matéria Lítica: Drummond, Cabral, Neruda e Paz. Ateliê Editorial, 2016

Poppe, Nicolas. Cosmopolitan Film Cultures in Latin America, 1896-1960. Indiana University Press, 2016

Silva, Daniel. Subjectivity and the Reproduction of Imperial Power: Empire's Individuals. London: Routledge, 2015

García, Enrique. Cuban Cinema After the Cold War. North Carolina: McFarland, 2015

Castañeda, Luis. Comunidades Efímeras. Grupos de vanguardia y neovanguardia en la novela hispanoamericana del siglo XX. New York: Peter Lang, (expected 2015)

Feldman, Irina, Rethinking Community From Peru. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2014.

Manrique-Gómez, Marta. Madness, Love and Tragedy in Nineteenth Century Spain. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013.

Gamero de Coca, Juana. Sexualidad, violencia y cultura. Colombia: Ediciones Desde Abajo, 2013.

Rocha, Fernando. Subaltern Writings: Readings on Graciliano Ramos's Novels. New York: Peter Lang, 2013.

Recent Faculty Articles:

Gonzalez Zenteno, Gloria. “Open Triangle.” The Fem. (December 2015.)

Gonzalez Zenteno, Gloria. "Maga." Solstice Literary Magazine. (Winter 2014.)

Gonzalez Zenteno, Gloria.  “Ambistoma mexicanum.” (Fiction, English) Cobalt Review. (March 12, 2013.)  

Gonzalez Zenteno, Gloria. “Ambistoma mexicanum.” (Fiction, Spanish) Revista de literatura mexicana contemporánea 54, 2013. 67-72.

Castañeda, Luis. "La boca de la sierpe, la quijada del león: (in)moralidad, verdad intraverbal y diseminación en los Sueños de Quevedo." (peer-reviewed article). Romance Quarterly 60.4 (September 2013): 196-207. 

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