Mission Statement

The Writing and Rhetoric Program (WRPR) has a multi-pronged mission: Our program-specific (WRPR) courses engage contemporary, socially relevant themes, and are designed to build student confidence, awareness of rhetorical conventions, and skills in writing. We employ inclusive and antiracist pedagogies designed to facilitate students’ sense of belonging and agency at Middlebury and offer opportunities for them to write for a variety of audiences and in a range of modalities. We also support the teaching and learning of Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) and Writing in the Disciplines (WID) across college departments and programs, through pedagogy workshops and individualized consulting as well as through administration of the second-level CW requirement. More broadly, we seek to promote an institutional culture in which writing furthers learning and thinking and deepens our connections as an academic community. 

The WRPR Program promotes:

      Writing-to-learn (not just writing as assessment)

      Disciplinary writing, as well as interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary work

      Antiracist pedagogies and assessment that focus on equity

      Language difference as an asset

      Building community in writing classrooms

      Collaboration among faculty, staff, and students

      Writing consultations between faculty and students, faculty and peer tutors, peer and professional writing tutors and student clients, and among peers 

      Revision as essential to growth

      Rhetorical awareness and flexibility

      Rhetorical Studies as a framework for addressing reading, writing, and speaking

Writing and Rhetoric Program

Catharine Wright, Director
Chellis House, 201
802.443-2568                                                                                            cwwright@middlebury.edu

Tiffany Wilbur, Coordinator
Mahaney Arts Center, 202
802.443.5412                                                                                          twilbur@middlebury.edu