Major Planning Worksheets

All Chemistry and Biochemistry majors should use these forms as they plan out the timing of their major coursework. Please enter the semester the course was taken or will be taken. For any electives, please also enter the course number. It is helpful to bring this completed form to your meeting with your advisor. See also our information about Getting Started in the Major.

Review the major requirements and list of cognate courses.

Facilities and Instrumentation

We are located in McCardell Bicentennial Hall, a beautiful building at the northern edge of campus which houses all the science departments. Our facilities are state-of-the-art and our instrumentation is extensive and current. Read more about our facilities and instrumentation.

    Student Advisory Council

    The goals of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Student Advisory Council (SAC) are as follows:

    • Advise the Department Chair about faculty appointments and the curriculum
    • Give chemistry and biochemistry majors a voice in their program
    • Serve as a resource for current and perspective majors

    See the handbook language for a more detailed description.

    Current SAC Members

    • Matt Brockley ’23
    • Genevieve Herron ’23

    Library Services

    Periodic Tables

    Useful Forms