The Eve Adler Department of Classics and the Program in Classical Studies offer courses in ancient languages and a broad range of topics in classical civilization.

Senior Awards

This year we were pleased to present the following awards:

Kellogg Latin English Prize -Established in 1918 by Brainerd Kellogg, professor of rhetoric and English literature, 1861–1868, and trustee, 1885–1920. Two prizes, awarded for the best paper on a classical poet, and for a translation examination in Latin. 
Nila Ann Dudley (best paper) & Connor Herskowitz (best translation)

George H. Catlin Classical Prize -Established in 1918 by George H. Catlin, LL.D. ’20.  Awarded to the student in the senior class whose college work in Greek and Latin is judged worthiest of distinction. Krithika Vasireddy

Eaton Prize -Established in 1945 by a gift from the estate of Mary M. W. Eaton. Awarded to the student who, in the opinion of the president and the faculty, has maintained the highest standing in the classics.  Madeline Pappano

Congratulations to all & have a safe summer!

Classics Faculty & Students
(Credit: Salomé Moreno )


The classics major at Middlebury explores the study of the thought, art, and life of ancient Greece and Rome. The founding works of Western literature, history, and philosophy are its main subject matter, together with the languages—Greek and Latin—that enable you to approach these works in the original.

Classics majors combine study of two ancient languages with courses and seminars (taught in English) on classical history, literature, and philosophy.

We offer a core of lecture courses and seminars that provide introductions to the major works of Greek and Roman literature, history, and philosophy—all studied in English translation. Intensive introductory courses in Greek and Latin prepare students rapidly for reading in the classical languages; advanced courses in those languages are devoted to the close study of major classical texts in the original.

Classical Studies

The Classical Studies Program, in which students can also major, is designed to offer a broad, rigorous education in the classical world and illustrates how the achievements of classical civilization form the foundations upon which so many disciplines are built. The interdisciplinary nature of the program is reflected by a teaching staff that includes faculty in the Departments of Classics, History of Art and Architecture, Philosophy, Political Science, and Religion.

Unlike the classics, major which requires that students learn two ancient languages, a student majoring in classical studies focuses on one ancient language but pursues a wider range of courses on the classical world (taught in English).

Students in the Classics department

Why the Classics?

Are you fascinated by the world’s oldest languages and cultures? Do you want to understand contemporary society through its Greek and Roman origins? Here you can delve into reading and translating original texts and explore some of the greatest monuments of human thought and culture.

Eve Adler

Eve Adler and the Eve Adler Department of Classics

Middlebury College Professor of Classics, 1977–2003

Eve Adler taught classics and classical Hebrew at Middlebury College for more than 25 years until shortly before her death in 2004. She developed new programs in Greek, Latin, and classical Hebrew, as well as foundations courses designed to introduce central texts of Greek and Roman literature, philosophy, and history in translation to all interested students at the College, whom she thereby enticed into the language courses.

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Twilight Hall provides the home base for the Classics Department, with a central and comfortable reading room surrounded by faculty offices. It’s a great place to meet, read from the robust catalogs, and catch up on what’s going on in the department.

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Summer Study Fund

The Eve Adler Memorial Fund supports students who wish to study Greek and Latin language, literature, and art, or to participate in archaeological fieldwork at a classical site.

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Museum of Art

Middlebury College is fortunate to have a museum with an excellent collection of classical art and ancient coins, where students can examine and discuss works and artifacts.

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