1. Middlebury College is ranked rather highly (when compared to other liberal arts colleges and even Ivies and Ivy-like institutions) regarding finance salaries.  According to the Wall Street Journal article “Top Colleges for High-Paying Jobs in Finance” dated 4/11/23, Middlebury ranks 9th and is amongst good company. 
  2. Your Bachelor of Arts matters. The type of major like, STEM oriented concentration or Business Studies or Literature, particularly matters. See research report Making the Bachelor’s Degree More Valuable by the Burning Glass Institute which the Wall Street Journal partners and consults periodically about the return on investment by academic majors. 
  3. Not only do social and economic factors like race and gender influence workplace mobility and ultimately one’s economic and financial well-being but also the topic of “class.” Research reinforces the importance of “mentorship” in elementary, secondary, and college. Developing “social and professionals skills” are most critical to smashing the class ceiling. Read this 2023 Financial Times article “How to Smash the Class Ceiling at the Workplace” or hear the interview with Brown University economist John Friedman on this topic. 
  4. According to a 2023 Forbes Magazine article, “Are the Liberal Arts Dead? No, Just Changed”, students are best off if they have a liberal arts training (soft skills) coupled with technical skills which STEM and Business provide. Related, a 2019 Inside of Higher Ed entitled “Designing the Future of Liberal Education” also reinforces this important theme.
  5. Like other higher education institutions, Middlebury College strives to produce highly impactful and caring leaders to make the world a better place. Courses offered through our department (e.g., “Business Ethics”, “Nonprofits & Civil Society”, and “Leadership”—just to name a few) and across Middlebury College attempt to instill, refine, and hone leadership qualities in our students. According to a 2023 Times Magazine article, /college/media/12992, Middlebury College is competitive with other top tier universities and is the highest ranking liberal arts college amongst our NESCAC peers for shaping future leaders. 

Thank you,

Tim Nguyen, Professor & Director