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How do I request research support? Do I need approval before initiating a research project?

For questions about research support, you may contact Jim Ralph, Dean of Faculty Development and Research (ext. 5320) or Sandra King, Budget Analyst for Academic Affairs (ext. 2007).

The Research Compliance Manager can answer your specific questions about research approval.

There may be additional departmental or funding requirements, but Middlebury has three compliance committees that must review any research involving vertebrate animals, recombinant DNA, or human beings prior to initiation. Our goal is to provide outstanding service and support to the Middlebury research community through the responsible conduct of research, the highest standard of sound science, and by assuring that all research activities are compliant with local, state and federal regulations. These websites will familiarize you with the policies and procedures designed to support your research. (Any questions can be directed to the Research Compliance Manager.)

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