Learning Goals

In January 2014, the faculty endorsed the following as a core set of goals to enhance teaching and learning at Middlebury College:

1.  Think critically, creatively, and independently.

2.  Read, listen, and observe discerningly.

3.  Demonstrate skill and sophistication in oral and written expression.

4.  Demonstrate skill and sophistication in quantitative reasoning.

5.  Collaborate effectively.

6.  Understand and appreciate difference, commonality, and connectedness across and within cultures and societies around the world.

7.  Explore a field of study in depth.

8.  Explore a range of disciplines and make connections among them.

9.  Apply acquired knowledge to solve new problems.

10.  Engage in independent research, inquiry, and/or creative expression.

11.  Cultivate intellectual integrity and the capacity for ethical citizenship.

Academic Administration
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Middlebury College
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