Reprints and Subvention

(Administered by the Dean for Faculty Development and Research)

The College will assist faculty with production costs and reprint costs for scholarly publications through the Scholarly Publication Subvention Fund (SPSF). All requests should be made using the application available on the Academic Administration web page and sent to the office of the Dean for Faculty Development and Research.

  • Reprints.  Assistance will be in the form of the cost of 100 reprints, normally not to exceed $300 for a single set
  • Page Charges, Submission Fees, and Copyright Fees for Articles. There is a maximum grant amount of $1600 per article.
  • Scholarly Books and Artistic Works.  Assistance will be provided (as funding permits) for tenured and tenure-track faculty, and faculty whose appointments make them eligible to serve on Faculty Council (as defined by the faculty in Spring 2014) to cover production costs when an academic publisher requires a subvention as a condition for publication. Special appointment faculty who are eligible to serve on Faculty Council may also draw on the subvention support if funding permits. It may also be used for indexing, copyright or permission fees, or copyediting (i.e., copyediting of the final version of a manuscript after it has been accepted for publication). The funds for copyediting will only be paid to an independently-hired editor (not to the publishing press). The maximum grant amount for each book project is $2500 and repayment is not required. Because of the financial pressures affecting the world of publishing, there may be special circumstances that would warrant additional subvention support. Faculty members may also apply to the VPAA/DoF for a loan to cover production costs in excess of $2500. Such loans are to be repaid by payroll deduction over a period not to exceed 24 months at an interest rate to be established at the beginning of each academic year. The remaining terms will be negotiated between the applicant and the Dean as part of the application process.

Applications may be submitted at any time and should include a written contract with a publisher (if applicable). The faculty member may not be the publisher, producer, or agent.

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