The Program in Studio Art is dedicated to teaching liberal arts students to express themselves in the plastic arts through visual media. Our program welcomes all Middlebury students: from those who wish to sample small experiences in studio-art, as well as students making studio-art the central focus of their studies.Our faculty is comprised of distinguished artists devoted to the idea that creativity, imaginative thinking, and personal expression are vitally important in the lives of all people.

Our core curriculum centers on drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture with a broad array of exciting materials and processes. From large-format photography, to welding steel and melting glass, our courses challenge you think in ways you never have. And, each year, we present cutting-edge courses offered by visiting artists-in-residence. But, whether digitally silk screening their own cloths or carving ice sculpture, studio students are guided to make art engaging contemporary aesthetic and cultural meaning... your world.

Many ask if "talent" is needed to study studio art at Middlebury. The answer is a clear "no." Over two-thirds taking a studio art course are non-majors. Students come from all areas of the College and we particularly welcome those who desire joint-majors with other subjects. Our faculty believes the brightest future belongs to students able to think and act creatively. In fact those who concentrate in Studio Art are as likely to become writers, entrepreneurs, or teachers as artists. One recent alumni who majored in the program is now an immigration lawyer.

Our faculty provides close, individualized instruction within spacious, well-equipped studio facilities. Experimentation and a spirit of invention are encouraged. Intense study and focused work is required... along with a sense of adventure. We thrive on innovative problem solving.

Please tour our website, meet our faculty, and view our facilities. The Program In Studio Art is where academics meet culture, and possibilities open.

Program in Studio Art

Johnson Memorial Building
78 Chateau Road
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753