The Greenberg-Starr Department of Chinese Language and Literature

The Greenberg-Starr Department of Chinese Language and Literature offers courses in Mandarin Chinese language from the beginning to the advanced level, including Classical Chinese and Chinese-language courses on Chinese society, literature and culture, as well as courses taught in English on Chinese literature, film and sociolinguistics.

Our courses fully meet the needs of students who want to learn to speak, understand, write and read Mandarin at a high level of proficiency that will allow them to live and work in an entirely Chinese language environment. Our courses are also for students who want to study the world’s most widely spoken and written first language for its intrinsic beauty and interest, or for access to Chinese history and culture.

We offer a major in Chinese literature, but at Middlebury the study of Mandarin Chinese may be combined with any other academic pursuit, and on the Middlebury faculty are China specialists in the fields of Anthropology, Art History, History, Linguistics, Literature, Political Science, and Religion, all of whom participate in the East Asian Studies track of the International and Global Studies Program.

Many Middlebury students of Mandarin attend a session of the summer Chinese School and also spend part or all of the junior year at one of the College’s three School in China sites.

Photo above by Anthea Viragh (2016.5)

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