Students at Chinese Language Table.

Chinese House

The Chinese House is where eight students of Chinese can live to improve their language skills. Living at the house entails signing a language pledge similar to that of Middlebury’s summer school. Residents regularly host events and activities like movie nights, game nights, and Chinese cooking.

Chinese Language Tables

The Chinese language table is in Ross Dining Hall. Language tables are a great opportunity to increase language skills over a delicious lunch. Students of all skill levels will benefit greatly from sharing a meal and conversing with the department faculty and other Chinese speakers in this restaurant-style environment.

Student Advisory Committee

The current Student Advisory Council (SAC) for the Chinese Department:

To be selected in fall 2024.

The primary functions of the Chinese SAC:

  • Advise the Chinese chair and faculty regarding new faculty appointments.
  • Advise the Chinese chair and faculty regarding external reviews of the department.
  • Give Chinese majors a voice in their department regarding any student concerns that arise.
  • Serve as a resource for current and prospective majors.

See the Handbook language for a more detailed description.

Library and Technology