• Teach Taiwan Alumni Panel

    In this alumni panel, Priscilla Downey ‘20.5 Chinese, Sabian Edouard ‘21 Chinese and Political Science, and Edgar Leon ‘21 Chinese and Political Science Joint Major, will speak about their experience teaching English in Taiwan through the Teach Taiwan program. For more information about this organization, visit the Teach Taiwan website or see the description below taken from their website:

    Munroe 311

    Closed to the Public

  • International Karaoke

    Join us in singing songs in a foreign language! You won’t be able to sing in English but there is still a variety to choose from: Russian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, French, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, and others. The details will follow up in the Language House Instagrams: @russianhousemidd @midd_chinese_house @deutschhaus_middlbry @casadeespanol @arabichouse2 @jhouse_diary @casaitalianamidd @lamaisonfrancaisemidd @casadeportuguesemidd

    McCullough Wilson Cafe

    Closed to the Public

  • Photographer in a Foreign Land: Kevin Bubriski’s Documentary Projects in Nepal, Tibet and Xinjiang

    Kevin Bubriski’s fifty year career as a documentary photographer began in the mid 1970s with his years in the Peace Corps as a community water supply technician in Nepal’s remotest mountain villages. He has returned to Nepal numerous times, done extended documentary work in South Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia and the USA and has published a number of photographic books. He will be speaking retrospectively about his work in Nepal, the USA, Syria, Tibet and Xinjiang.

    Johnson Classroom 204

Statement on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

The faculty and staff of the Greenberg-Starr Department of Chinese Language and Literature condemn the recent and ongoing violence and harassment directed at Chinese, Chinese Americans, Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders. As a department we exist to make Chinese voices heard. We exist to create a welcoming and supportive home for each and every one of our students. We assert that Black Lives Matter, and we stand with Middlebury students, administrators, faculty, and staff who are combatting all forms of racial and gender injustice, discrimination, and violence. As teachers, scholars, and members of the Middlebury community, we pledge to continue to learn, grow, and do everything we can to help advance the College’s commitment to creating a diverse, welcoming community with full and equal participation for all individuals and groups. We will endeavor to do more to educate ourselves and our students about the ethnic and cultural diversity within China and do more to expose students to more of the Sinophone world. We invite our students to share their ideas with us as to how we can best promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the life and work of the Chinese Department.