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A range of fall and spring semester courses about food and agriculture are open to any student who meets the prerequisites. In addition, Winter Term attracts visiting faculty for intensive courses, several of which are related to food and agriculture. Recent Winter Term classes include Seed Matters: Exploring the Human Relationship to Agricultural Seed; Clay Soils of Champlain Valley; and Changing Our Impact on the Ocean: An Interactive Deep Dive.

For students interested in a taking a coherent set of courses in Food Studies, we recommend that you follow the guidelines for a Food Studies Minor. 

Students who are deeply interested in Food Studies can submit a proposal to be an Independent Scholar in Food Studies. Several students have done this successfully over the last 4 years.  Information about an Independent Scholar proposal is in the Student Handbook.  If you would like to explore this option, talk with the Food Studies Academic Program Director and the Dean of Curriculum.  Those people can help you to refine your ideas and develop a strong proposal for the Curriculum Committee.