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Academic Assistance for First-Year Students

Students who were very successful in high school often face challenges as they transition to the academic life at a competitive college.

The Office of Learning Resources assists students in fully utilizing their learning opportunities and in developing and refining the skills needed for academic excellence in the 21st century.

The Writing Center provides students the opportunity to meet with writing center progressionals and peer writing tutors at every stage of the writing process. Writing Program faculty also offer courses that help students improve their writing skills.

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research offers tutoring and study groups in entry level courses.  In addition, Students can make appointments online to meet with CTLR faculty and professional staff.

STEM and Quantitative Support assists students in reviewing prior mathematics knowledge, deciding what math course to take, discussing homework, preparing quantitative reports, and practicing for tests. Students may schedule weekday sessions in advance, or may drop in, as needed, to MBH 209.

The Health Professions website provides valuable and insightful information for those interested in the pre-med track or general medicine.