Our mission is to instill within our students a deep appreciation of the beauty and usefulness of mathematics by revealing its myriad contributions to our understanding of the natural and intellectual world.

We are a department of dedicated teachers and active scholars.  We prioritize keeping our class sizes small, even at the introductory level, and pride ourselves on providing an engaged and supportive learning environment in and beyond the classroom.  Our course offerings span a range of pure and applied fields.  These include real, complex, and numerical analysis, linear and abstract algebra, geometry, topology, graph theory, combinatorics, number theory, math history, modeling, operations research, probability, and an expanding set of offerings in statistics and data science.  

Students have ample opportunities to work closely with faculty—in their regular courses, in the senior seminar program, and in collaborative research partnerships.  The critical thinking and problem-solving skills emphasized in our courses go to the core of a liberal arts education and open up a broad range of professional possibilities for our graduates.   While some majors choose to pursue advanced degrees in mathematically related fields, many go on to careers in law, medicine, teaching, business, finance and various types of consulting. 

Mathematics is beautiful, challenging, collaborative, and useful.  We invite you to come study with us.

Department of Mathematics

75 Shannon Street
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753