The Department of Mathematics aims to provide engaging and relevant courses to students at all levels and from multiple disciplines.

Introductory courses in calculus, statistics, and linear algebra satisfy the deductive reasoning distribution credit (DED) and are required for various majors in the sciences and social sciences.  Students needing extra assistance in these classes can make use of generous faculty office hours and regular student-led tutoring sessions in the evenings.  We also coordinate with the quantitative specialists in the CTLR on a student mentoring program.

The two core courses for the major are Abstract Algebra and Real Analysis.  The majority of students in these classes are departmental majors, but they are open to anyone with an interest in improving their mathematical writing and skill with axiomatic arguments.  Discrete mathematics classes such as Combinatorics, Number Theory, and Graph Theory are also good places to develop proof-writing skills while encountering interesting applications.  Other axiom-based mathematics offerings include Topology, Geometry, Differential Geometry, and Complex Analysis.

The broad array of courses in applied mathematics and statistics represent an expanding component of our department.  Mathematics majors can customize their course of study in an applied direction by selecting electives from these listings. Students studying economics and science find courses in Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, and the many offerings that engage data and randomness to be particularly valuable additions to their chosen majors. 

The 700 level seminar program is a senior-focused experience where our majors pursue an advanced topic in a subject of their choosing.  Small classes allow for a combination of independent research and collaboration with faculty to produce a capstone paper and accompanying oral presentation.  

Department of Mathematics

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