MBB Mission Statement

The Program in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (MBBC) offers students an integrated approach to examining life at the macromolecular and cellular levels. The purpose of the program is to serve the students and faculty of Middlebury College by providing excellence in undergraduate education within a residential liberal arts setting.   We value critical independent thought, a multi-disciplinary approach, and effective oral and written communication.  These values and education are achieved through relevant course work and laboratory projects in which students and faculty together explore: (1) the fundamental concepts of molecular biology and biochemistry and their relationships with other biological, chemical, physical, and informational disciplines; (2) the study of proteins and nucleic acids role in cell structure, replication, development, regulation, and transmission of genetic information; and (3) the actual use of experimental methods, analytical tools, and genetic manipulations to discover new knowledge about biological organisms at the molecular level.  In the liberal arts tradition, the historical development of the field and its relevance to current interdisciplinary questions are emphasized.  An important program goal is excellence of enquiry and endeavor, which often reach fruition in independent research projects.


Program in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

McCardell Bicentennial Hall
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Middlebury College
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