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Private Music Lessons

Registration is Open for J-term - Lessons begin the week of January 10.

The Department of Music offers private music lessons in many instruments and styles of music. There is no audition for private music lessons. Lessons are considered extra-curricular and do not confer course credit.

To take lessons, we ask you to contact the Middlebury College Affiliate Artist (private music instructor) in the instrument of your choice. Profiles of the Affiliate Artists are available on the Faculty & Staff page.

Contact instructors directly to make arrangements for the upcoming semester.

One-on-one lessons typically meet once per week for 45 minutes for ten weeks (Fall and Spring semesters, $435 each) or four weeks (Winter term $175). Lessons fees are billed to your Middlebury student account. The fee is waived for music majors (limit 2 lesson series per semester), students registered in a music performance course (varies by semester, inquire to confirm), Music 500 (independent work), and 704 (senior work) courses during the semester. You will qualify for half price for lessons on your ensemble instrument if you participate in College Orchestra, Sound Investment Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Workshop, Afropop Ensemble, or Middlebury Community Wind Ensemble, and voice lessons for participation in College Choir and College-Community Chorus (limit 1/semester). A limited amount of financial assistance is available to qualified students. Apply before you register for lessons.

Lessons are offered in the following instruments:

Bagpipes, Bass & Jazz Bass, Carillon, Cello, Clarinet, Drums, Flute, French horn, Guitar (acoustic, electric, and jazz), Harmonica, Harpsichord, Irish Whistle, Oboe, Organ, Piano (classical, Jazz and pop), Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Ukulele, Viola, Violin, Voice and Jazz voice

Instrument Rentals:
Department-owned instruments support departmental music classes and ensembles; seldom do we lend instruments owned by the College to individuals or groups. Students interested in short-term or long-term instrument use are encouraged to contact Ellis Music in Bethel, VT (800) 244-7664 for reasonable rental rates and free delivery to the College.

Music Lockers and Practice Rooms:
Lockers - If you would like to store your musical instrument at the Mahaney Arts Center, please stop by MAC room 307 to reserve a locker and sign out a key for the academic year. ALL lockers need to be cleaned out and keys be returned before leaving campus for the summer.

Practice rooms - Rooms are reserved only when requested by instructors for college student private music lessons. A schedule will be posted on each door when lessons begin (week of 1/10 in J-term). Otherwise, availability is on a first-come-first-serve basis. The eight practice rooms at the MAC are for use by Middlebury College students; Middlebury College staff and faculty may also use the practice rooms. The MAC is open 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM daily. There is one additional practice room with a piano located in Wright, room 118.

Department of Music

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