First Year Writers and FYS Faculty

The Writing and Rhetoric Program (WRPR) is committed to supporting first year students in their writing as well as to supporting faculty teaching writing to first years. Below, learn more about our writing placement model for first-year writers, supplemental writing courses, and other writing support for first-year writers (and faculty). 

About 100-level WRPR Courses

Each fall and spring we offer several classes that first year students may elect to take if they wish to develop confidence in their writing beyond what the First Year Seminar can provide. These courses may be taken in addition to or following the First Year Seminar. Second semester first-year students and sophomores are also encouraged to enroll in WRPR100/101. 

Directed Self-Placement for First-Year Writers

Following registration for the First Year Seminar, incoming students can expect a placement recommendation from WRPR's Writing Center Director to help inform their course enrollment decisions. This writing placement and advisement model asks students to reflect upon their experiences with academic reading, writing, and research and to report their confidence levels. The placement recommendation will be used in conjunction with FYS advisement to determine if a student is a good candidate for WRPR100/101. First Year Seminar faculty will receive information annually on this new model.

In the coming months we plan to provide further information about the Directed Self Placement model for first-year students and faculty working with first-years.

Additional Writing Support

First year students and their professors can also find community and support in the teaching and learning of writing through the Writing Center and its course-based writing tutors as well as through professional tutors in the Writing Center. 

Faculty working with first year students are additionally always welcome at workshops and lunches sponsored by WRPR and at the Annual Teaching and Writing Retreat co-organized by the Writing and Rhetoric Program and the Center for Teaching, Learning and Research.

For more information, please contact Writing and Rhetoric Program Director Catharine Wright and Writing Center Director Dr. Genie Giaimo.

Writing and Rhetoric Program

Catharine Wright, Director
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Tiffany Wilbur, Coordinator
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