Update Your Information

If you are an alum and would like to update your information, the College’s Alumni Office has a file for you. Please submit on the online update form on the Alumni Office website. Likewise, please visit Midd2Midd, an online community that pairs Middlebury students with college alumni for mentorship, coaching, and networking opportunities.  

Connect with Our Alumni

Midd2Midd helps students connect with other alumni in a variety of fields. Our department is fortunate to also have alumni who are willing to connect with students as well as graduates; they have generously provided their contact information here.  Please feel free to contact them about their experience in the Department of Anthropology—or their careers in business, education, medicine, politics, and the nonprofit sector.

Bullion Headshot

Elissa Bullion ’10


Elissa Bullion is a bioarchaeologist with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. She received her PhD in anthropology from Washington University in St. Louis in 2018 and has held fellowships and internships at the Max Planck Institute and the Smithsonian; prior to joining the USDA, she worked at the University of Pittsburgh and for the US Forest Service.  She has served on field projects in Peru, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and the U.S.

Bryan Chang 22

Bryan Chang ’22


Bryan Chang is an associate at Dore Partnership, an executive search firm dedicated to identifying and securing transformative talent for ambitious companies, globally. Prior to joining Dore Partnership, Bryan was a digital marketing research assistant for Opportunities Credit Union in Vermont.


Maya Gee Middlebury

Maya Gee ’22


Maya Gee is an admissions officer at Brown University. Prior to graduation, she worked in the admissions office at Middlebury College. She was also a fellow in the MADE (Marketing and Advertising Education) Internship Program, hosted by the ANA Educational Foundation; the program exposes driven students to top marketing and advertising companies (including Sephora, Bank of America, IBM, and more).

Audrey Hsi Headshot

Audrey Hsi ‘22


Audrey Hsi is a zooarchaeologist and a graduate student in the PhD program in Anthropology at Stanford University.  She was a double major in Anthropology and Biology at Middlebury; for her dissertation research at Stanford, she plans to work at an archaeological site in Mauritius.

Mikayla Hyman Photo

Mikayla Hyman ’20



Mikayla Hyman is an associate manager at Partnership for Public Service, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to building a better government and a stronger democracy.

Dan Krugman

Daniel Krugman ’21



Daniel Krugman is a research assistant as well as a graduate student at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He has studied refugee crises in eastern Africa, particularly in Uganda. Krugman was also the corecipient of the 2021 Culture, Power, and Practice Award in Anthropology at Middlebury.

Mollie Smith Graduation 2020

Mollie Smith ’20



Mollie Smith is finishing a postbaccalaureate premedical degree at Bryn Mawr College; she has worked as a research assistant and as an analyst at BCE Consulting. She was also a speaker at the 2020 Middlebury College Commencement.

Suria Vanrajah

Suria Vanrajah ’22



Suria Vanrajah is an associate analyst at Alethea Group, a company engaged in detecting and mitigating instances of disinformation and social media manipulation. She was the corecipient of the 2022 Culture, Power, and Practice Award in Anthropology at Middlebury.

Anna Wood Headshot

Anna Wood ’22



Anna Wood is a public affairs fellow at Coro, a nonprofit organization that trains, supports, and connects leaders to foster democracy and tackle societal challenges. She was the corecipient of the 2022 Culture, Power, and Practice Award in Anthropology at Middlebury.