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Recent Faculty Publications

Fitzsimmons, James L.

2021 “Termination and regeneration: the use of ash in ancient Mesoamerica,” in Agent of Change: The Deposition and Manipulation of Ash in the Past, edited by Barbara Roth and E. Charles Adams, pp. 213–238. Berghahn Press, New York.

2018 “Transformations at Cuello: Results from the 2017 Season of the Classic Cuello Archaeological Project,” in Archaeology in the Eastern Maya Lowlands: Papers of the 2017 Belize Archaeology Symposium, John Morris, Melissa Badillo, and George Thompson, eds., pp. 121–130 (with Natalie Figueroa ’18 and Prasanna Vankina ’18). Belmopan, Belize: Institute of Archaeology.

Nevins, M. E.

2020 “Hymes, Dell Hathaway,” in SAGE Research Methods Foundations, P. Atkinson, S. Delamont, A. Cernat, J. W. Sakshaug, and R. A. Williams. London: SAGE.

Oxfeld, Ellen

2020 “The Moral Registers of Banqueting in Contemporary China,” Journal of Current Chinese Affairs.

2020 “Life-Cycle Rituals in Rural and Urban China: Birth, Marriage and Death,” in Handbook on Religion in China, Stephan Feuchtwang, ed., pp. 110–132. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.

2020 “Bitter Greens and Sweet Potatoes: Food Practice and Memories of Hunger in Rural China” in Food Insecurity: A Matter of Justice, Sovereignty, and Survival, Tamar Mayer and Molly Anderson, eds., pp. 166–179. New York: Routledge.

2020 “Rural Chinese Families: The Continuing Relevance of Moral Obligation,” in Routledge Handbook of Chinese Culture and Society, Kevin Latham, ed., pp. 174–194. New York: Routledge.

Stoll, David

2018 “David Stoll: A Rush to Judgment?” (critique of the Jerry Sandusky trial),, April 6.

2019 “Desperate Refugees or Desperate Debtors? Why the Latest Border Surge Is Bad News for Democrats,” American Interest, April 10.