Scott Margolin

Scott A. Margolin ’99 Environmental Studies Award

Established in memory of Scott A. Margolin by his family, this award is presented annually to the graduating senior whose work, in the judgment of the ES Program, best exemplifies the integrated study of the natural and human environments.

Past Winners

2023: Ivonne Maricarmen Juárez Serna
2022: Katherine Grace Concannon
2021: Emma Clinton
2020: Mikayla Rose Haefele
2019: Will Orion Greene
2018: Ry Sylvan Storey-Fisher 
2017: Kaitlin Elizabeth Fink
2016: Benjamin Dunning Harris
2015: Edward Smyth
2014: Rebecca Alice Wasserman
2013: Emma Ross Loizeaux
2012: Katherine Shaw Macfarlane
2011: Sarah Jane Simonds
2010: Miriam Rebecca Johnston
2009: Corinne Melanie Almquist
2008: Kathryn Brooks Flagg
2007: Michael Jeffrey Gleason
2006: Marisa Kim Schery Lipsey
2005: John Trevor Cloak
2004: Lucas Farrell and William Morgan Roush
2003: Robert Anthony Chisholm and Kaitlin Anne Gregg
2002: Susan Christina Ludwick and Dane Blakely Springmeyer
2001: Eve-Lyn Stirling Hinckley
2000: Meghan Colleen McGuinness
1999: John Michael Mauro III
1998: Jessica Clare Mello

Michael Moss

Michael Moss ’16 Environmental Studies Award

Established in memory of Michael Moss by his family, this award is presented annually to the graduating senior whose academic success stems from a passion for the outdoors and the natural world, whose motivations transcend a job search or class ranking, and who demonstrates a genuine love for wildlife. 

Past Winners

2023: Adelaide Landis Mahler, ES-BIO joint major (Conservation Biology)
2022: Jack Andrew Cornish, ES-BIO joint major (Conservation Biology)
2021: Jacob Freedman, ES-GEOG joint major
2020: Nicole Christine Goodman, ES-BIO joint major (Conservation Biology)
2019: Morgan Forest Perlman, ES-BIO joint major (Conservation Biology)
2018: Vassily Sebastian Zavoico, ES-BIO joint major (Conservation Biology)