• Catherine Blizzard: Ene Empower

    Catherine Blizzard, an International and Global Studies major, developed a keen interest in development and global health while studying at Middlebury. After graduating in 2020, she and fellow alumna, Natalie Meyer, cofounded Ene Empower together with Kofi Nyalimba, Natalie’s long-term Ghanian friend and community health expert.

  • Shivapriya Sudhakaran Nair: Exploring Holistic Health Care

    Through an environmental philosophy class called The Perennial Turn, Priya was fortunate to be exposed to different models and approaches to healthcare in Vermont. As part of the ‘Health and Wellness’ cohort, she was tasked with conducting in-depth interviews with various healthcare professionals, ranging from a co-director of Metta Earth to a family physician working in Bristol.