• Helen Riess P'13 P'15: Teaching Empathy

    | by Christopher Donohue

    Helen Riess is the Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Empathetics, Inc., an organization working with medical professionals to develop greater interpersonal skills and teach the “neuroscience of emotion.” Empathetics Inc. has extended its resources all around the world, including into South Africa, Europe, Australia and Canada. 

  • Sam Byrne: Professor Spotlight

    | by Christopher Donohue

    When asked about his time at Middlebury thus far, Sam Byrne grinned widely, and, with enthusiasm, relayed it has been a “joy” to have the opportunity to teach public health at the undergraduate level. Byrne is an assistant professor of biology and global health, entering the Middlebury community this fall as one of nine new tenure-track faculty members.

  • Quan Pham ‘12

    | by Kristine Su

    Quan Pham currently works at Kaiser Permanente as a Senior Consultant; his primary responsibilities are the development and execution of a new medical facility. He manages details, like the artwork and locations of sharps bins, to the overall objectives, such as patient flow and operational efficiency.

  • Caroline Arthaud '20

    | by Kristine Su

    Caroline Arthaud grew increasingly interested in creating a larger impact on health beyond nutrition and began studying global health. She appreciated that Middlebury emphasizes global health’s interdisciplinary nature, engendering Caroline to draw connections in her coursework as a psychology major with minors in global health and anthropology.

  • Corinne Bintz '20.5

    | by Kristine Su

    Passionate about science, medicine, and social justice, Corinne Bintz researched online for careers that integrated her interests. She stumbled upon the field of public health in which she learned how health differed at the population level compared to the individual level. Corinne was fascinated by the factors of inequities in health, applying to Middlebury because of its global health program.

  • Ansley Harralson ‘20.5

    | by Kristine Su

    Ansley Harralson came to Middlebury with the intention of pursuing global health opportunities for a more
    holistic perspective on her pre-medical studies. She is a molecular biology and biochemistry major with a minor in global health. She described the minor as refreshing because it broadened her horizons to incorporate more disciplines.

  • David Torres: Professor Spotlight

    “At some point, you have to make the call for yourself: how long do you want to do this? What brings you joy and fulfillment?” Middlebury’s new Professor of the Practice, David Torres, recalled the turning point in his unique path to mothers2mothers, the organization he currently serves as Senior Advisor. mothers2mothers (m2m) is an internationally recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV.