Upon completion of an Italian major, students will possess advanced linguistic proficiency in Italian in speaking, comprehension, reading, and writing.

During their Senior year, students will write a research project in Italian, in which they will show their ability to analyze critically literary texts, art works, and social issues in Italian, by using the appropriate vocabulary.

In order to achieve proficiency students will complete at least one (preferably more) full-immersion courses at the University of Florence, and spend at least one semester living and experiencing daily life in Italy. Thanks to courses taken both here at Middlebury (during the regular academic year or at the Summer School) and in Italy, they will be familiar with Italian culture, including Medieval, Renaissance and Contemporary literature, cinema, history from 1940-present, political structure, geography, and major contemporary Italian issues such as the southern question, immigration, and contemporary politics.

Students who Minor in Italian will also have a very good linguistics and cultural proficiency in Italian. Most of them will spend a semester in Italy, and will be able to critically and competently analyze and discuss, in written form or orally, literary texts and/or relevant contemporary issues.