• Image of a boat at sea


    Fuocammare (“Fire at Sea”, 2016), is Gianfranco Rosi’s award-winning documentary on the arrival of migrants in Lampedusa, Italy’s southernmost island and a tourist location. Screened with English subtitles.

    Twilight Auditorium 101

    Open to the Public
  • Buona Forchetta emblem

    Buona Forchetta

    Buona Forchetta is back!

    Atwater Dining Hall Terrace

    Closed to the Public
  • Colorful pasta workshop

    Pasta-Making Workshop

    Have you ever scrolled through tiktok and had a dire urge to make pasta? Join Circolo Italiano in making pasta of all shapes and colors!

    Longwell Living Room (90 Hillcrest Rd.)

    Closed to the Public
  • Game Night with Circolo Italiano

    Scopa! Join us for a game night featuring all your favorite Italian card and board games!

    Longwell Living Room (90 Hillcrest Rd.)

    Closed to the Public
  • Confetti and Mask

    Carnival Mask-Making!

    Some of the biggest Carnival celebrations in the world take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Venice, Italy- join us to make some traditional masks from these celebrations and to throw our own carnival ourselves!&

    To Be Announced

    Closed to the Public
  • International Karaoke!

    Join your classmates and the general Midd community in an international karaoke night!

    McCullough Crossroads Cafe (The Juice Bar)

    Closed to the Public