• International Karaoke

    Join us in singing songs in a foreign language! You won’t be able to sing in English but there is still a variety to choose from: Russian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, French, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, and others. The details will follow up in the Language House Instagrams: @russianhousemidd @midd_chinese_house @deutschhaus_middlbry @casadeespanol @arabichouse2 @jhouse_diary @casaitalianamidd @lamaisonfrancaisemidd @casadeportuguesemidd

    McCullough Wilson Cafe

    Closed to the Public

  • How Equality Helped Italy Fight Corruption

    The Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs Program in Global Political Economy presents “How Equality Helped Italy Fight Corruption” with Lucia Manzi, SUNY Plattsburgh. Organized by Gary WInslett, Assistant Professor of Political Science.

    In 1992, the “Clean Hands” anti-corruption operation resulted in hundreds of convictions and permanently changed the Italian political landscape. How was this breakthrough possible? Prof. Manzi shows how egalitarian changes in prosecutorial institutions helped the Italian government more effectively fight the Mafia as well as terrorist organizations.

    Robert A. Jones '59 Conference Room

    Open to the Public

  • Italy's Margins: Posters and Presentations

    How is Italy doing today? From discrimination of minority groups to the efforts towards a more inclusive language, students of “Italy Today: From the Margins to the Center” will present their findings and the challenges that Italy faces. Formats will range from posters to presentations. Even though the class is in Italian, this event and the presentations will be in English: everybody is welcome to attend!

    Axinn Center Winter Garden

    Open to the Public

  • Image of a boat at sea


    Fuocammare (“Fire at Sea”, 2016), is Gianfranco Rosi’s award-winning documentary on the arrival of migrants in Lampedusa, Italy’s southernmost island and a tourist location. Screened with English subtitles.

    Twilight Auditorium 101

    Open to the Public

  • Buona Forchetta emblem

    Buona Forchetta

    Buona Forchetta is back! Join the Circolo Italiano and Italian Department in celebrating the end of the year in style with gelato, bocce, good music, and fun!

    Atwater Dining Hall Terrace

    Closed to the Public

  • Colorful pasta workshop

    Pasta-Making Workshop

    Have you ever scrolled through tiktok and had a dire urge to make pasta? Join Circolo Italiano in making pasta of all shapes and colors!

    Longwell Living Room (Italian House)

    Closed to the Public

  • Game Night with Circolo Italiano

    Scopa! Join us for a game night featuring all your favorite Italian card and board games!

    Longwell Living Room (Italian House)

    Closed to the Public