The linguistics minor consists of a minimum of five courses: two required introductory level courses and three electives.

Required courses for the minor are as follows:
LNGT 0101 Introduction to Linguistics or LNGT/ANTH 0125 Language Structure and Function
LNGT 0102 Introduction to Sociolinguistics or LNGT/ANTH 0109 Language, Culture, Society

Electives include the following:

LNGT 0101 Introduction to Linguistics
LNGT 0102 Introduction to Sociolinguistics
LNGT 0107 Introduction to TESOL
LNGT 0109 Language, Culture, Society
LNGT 0125 Language Structure & Function
LNGT 0206 Narratives in News Media
LNGT 0208 Cultural Rhetorics
LNGT 0226 Phonetics and Phonology
LNGT 0233 History of French Language
LNGT 0242 Non-Native Speakers
LNGT 0243 How Languages are Learned
LNGT 0250 Morphology and Syntax
LNGT 0261 Revival of the Hebrew Language
LNGT 0270 Chinese Sociolinguistics
LNGT 0280 Semantics, Logic and Cognition
LNGT 0305 Holocaust/Exile in Translation
LNGT 0337 French Language and Society
LNGT 0396 Linguistic Anthropology Method
LNGT 0495 Language and the Environment
LNGT 0500 Independent Work
LNGT 1005 Introduction to Tranlation Studies
LNGT 1230 Data Science Across Disciplines
LNGT 1304 Mayan Language Revitalization
LNGT/WRPR 0110 English Grammar: Concepts & Controversies
LNGT/JAPN 0210 Japanese Linguistics
LNGT/ARBC 0227 Arabic Sociolinguistics
LNGT/RUSS 0232 Nature and Origin of Language
LNGT/CHNS 0270 Chinese Sociolinguistics
LNGT/SPAN 0303 Introduction to Spanish Phonetics/Pronunciation (taught in Spanish)
LNGT/JAPN 0310 Variation & Change in Japanese
LNGT/SPAN 0322 Hispanic Linguistics (taught in Spanish)
LNGT/PHIL 0354 Philosophy of Language
LNGT/GRMN 0370 German Linguistics (taught in German)
LNGT/SPAN 0422 Hispanic Bilingualism (taught in Spanish)
LNGT/SPAN 0390 Linguistic Variation (taught in Spanish)
LNGT/ANTH 0395 Environmental Communication
LNGT/SPAN 0426 Spanish in the US (taught in Spanish)
LNGT/ARBC 0435 Arabic Diglossia (taught in Arabic)

Please Note: Students are advised to check with the director for a complete list of courses that count as electives. All electives are taught in English, unless otherwise indicated.