Format Review

Check with your adviser for any format preferences. General guidelines are as follows:

  • Use the general format appropriate for the discipline of your thesis advisor (e.g., APA format if your advisor is in the Psychology Department).
  • Margins: Generally one-inch margins are fine for all copies, including the cloth-bound copy (for clothbound copies, the Bindery trims 1/8” on all sides).
  • Set the line spacing to be 1.5 for all sections except the Bibliography, which can be single-spaced.
  • Print the copies of your final thesis double-sided (see exceptions below).
  • Start all new sections on a new page:  Abstract, Intro, Methods and Materials, Results, Discussion, Bibliography, Appendices. These are still double-sided, but each section should start on the right hand page.
  • Charts, graphs, and photos should be single-sided (This is not necessary if they are embedded within text.)  
  • Your personal copy can be single-sided if you prefer


Once your final thesis revisions have been approved by your committee, save it as a PDF.

By NOON on the last day of exams, you need to have completed the following:

  • Obtain the signatures of your committee members (via hard copy or electronic signature) on the title page of your thesis.
  • Submit finalized (with all signatures) PDF to the program coordinator via email and the thesis chair. (in a single pdf document)
  • Your final thesis title.
  • Fill out this google sheet for thesis binding and shipping.
  • Do you want any additional personal copies clothbound?  If so, the cost is $25 each (to cover our cost).  Additional shipping costs may apply.

Theses to be clothbound are sent to a bindery in Indiana. It takes 1-2 months to get them back, at which time we’ll mail the bound thesis to you!