Required for the Major

A minimum of 10 courses will constitute the major. All sociology majors will complete SOCI 0105, SOCI 0301, SOCI 0305, and a 400-level seminar. In addition, majors will take six electives, with at least two at the 300 level. At least eight of these courses (and all of the core courses listed) must be fall and spring courses taught at Middlebury (e.g., not winter term courses or transfer credits).

Required for a Joint Major

A joint major consists of seven courses: SOCI 0105, SOCI 0301, SOCI 0305, a 400-level senior seminar in sociology, and three electives. No more than one elective may be taken outside of the regular fall and spring semesters at Middlebury (e.g., as a winter term course or transfer credit). Any departures from this program must be approved by the department chair.

Required for a Minor

The minor consists of five courses: SOCI 0105 and four electives. All courses must be taken at Middlebury (e.g., no transfer credits or internships), with no more than one winter term course.

Optional Senior Project in Sociology

To be eligible for departmental honors, students must complete an independent research project of at least one semester. This typically consists of either a one-semester senior project (SOCI 0700, one credit, usually 25–40 pages) or a two-semester senior project (SOCI 0710, two credits, usually 60–100 pages). Students who wish to work on a project for more than one semester must present their progress for review by two professors who will decide whether the project qualifies for extended study. A one-semester project can be either in the fall or spring semester; a two-semester project is usually in the fall and winter semesters or in the winter and spring semesters. Variation from these patterns is possible with permission from the department. Senior project requirements for joint majors and other special circumstances will be approved in consultation with both departments.

A SOCI 0700 project requires a project advisor. If the advisor thinks that the project may deserve an A– or A, a second reader must evaluate the project. A SOCI 0710 project requires a committee including the project advisor and a second reader from within the Sociology Department. It may also include an optional third reader from another part of the College or the local community. Upon completion of the SOCI 0710 project, there will be an oral defense.

Departmental Honors

Students who earn an A– or higher on a 0700 or 0710 project and average an A– or higher in all sociology courses receive departmental honors.

Current majors and minors who declared under the present system would continue to operate under this system. They would, however, have the option of choosing to shift to the new set of requirements and degrees if their current situation allows for it. Once the new departments are formed, all future majors and minors would operate under the new sets of requirements.

Joint Major in Anthropology and Sociology

The joint major in anthropology and sociology consists of 12 classes. The core courses are ANTH 103, SOCI 105, SOCI 301 or ANTH 302 or ANTH 396, and SOC 305 or ANTH 306. Students must also take one 400-level SOCI course, one 400-level ANTH course, and six electives. A 700-level course in ANTH or SOCI can replace one of the 400-level courses.