2019–2020 Sociology Senior Projects (SOCI 700 and 710):

Students who wish to turn their one-semester project into a two-semester project will discuss their project with their project advisor and one other sociology faculty member. The idea is for everyone to confirm that there is enough material to sustain a longer project. The registration date for J-term is early November, which means you must present your proposal before this date in order to be able to continue and register for credit during J-term and beyond. If you are beginning in J-term, this should happen in the third week of January.

Due Dates

All due dates are 5 p.m. on the last day of classes.

One-Semester Project SOCI 700

  • Fall: Final copy due December 6
  • Spring: Final copy due May 11

Two-Semester Project SOCI 710

  • Fall/Winter: Final copy due January 31
  • Winter/Spring: Final copy due May 11

NOTE: While draft dates set by your advisor are advisory, there is a heavy grade penalty for failing to meet the final due dates listed above. Do NOT plan on obtaining an extension of the final due date.