Catie Clark

Catie Clark ’22.5

Catie is a senior theatre major from Tampa, Florida. Her past credits at Middlebury include Company (Kathy), Julius Caesar (Octavius), and The Bacchae 2.1 (Aide to Agave). Outside of theatre, Catie spends her time rehearsing with her a cappella group, the Middlebury Mamajamas. Professional credits include PTP/NYC 2022 (understudy).

Molly Dorion

Molly Dorion ’22.5 

Molly is a theatre and psychology double major from Carpinteria, California. This past summer she had the privilege of performing in PTP NYC’s 35th season in a production of Sex, Grift, and Death at Atlantic Stage 2. At Middlebury, she has performed in Mr. Burns, Dinner with Friends, Dry Land, Happy, The Bacchae 2.1Julius Caesar, and The Pussy Grabber Plays. This fall she will play the role of Agatha in a production of The Moors directed by Michole Biancosino and will act in her senior thesis And Baby Makes Seven by Paula Vogel. Beyond acting, Molly works in the Costume Shop and finds great enjoyment exploring the beautiful Vermont landscape around her.

Madison Middleton ’22.5 

Madison Middleton ’22.5 

Madison Middleton is a Theatre and Music joint major from Maryland and DC with foci in acting, playwriting, sound design, composition and vocal performance. Middlebury acting credits include Company (Joanne), Orphan Muses (Isabelle), Giants Have Us in Their Books (Andrea), Until I Do (Jamie), The Light in the Piazza (Margaret Johnson), Julius Caesar (Brutus), and Bacchae 2.1 (Tattooed Woman). Other select Middlebury credits include No One Is Forgotten (Direction/Sound Design), PTP/NYC’s 34½ Season (Actor/Sound Design), Giants Have Us in Their Books (Original Music), and Chapters (Co-Direction). Last spring they played Sandro Botticelli in Botticelli in the Fire (senior work in acting, sound design, and original music). This summer they worked as an acting ensemble member at the Bread Loaf School of English. Madison is a Middlebury College Choir member, an Oratory Now Head Coach, a Beyond the Page teaching artist intern, the former Hepburn Zoo Theatre president, one of three student liaisons for the Theatre Department, and a recent inductee into the Middlebury chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. They are currently completing their senior work in playwriting and directing Catie Clark and Molly Dorion’s acting thesis, And Baby Makes Seven. They’re interested in musical and theatrical world-building, queerness, puppetry, magic, and justice through art-making.

Maggie Connolly ’23

Maggie Connolly ’23 

Maggie is a joint theatre and philosophy major from Concord, New Hampshire. Her Middlebury credits include She Kills Monsters (Tilly Evans), Giants Have Us in Their Books (Jennifer Leigh), Julius Caesar (Metellus Cimber, Lepidus, Poet), and Jump! The 2019 Annual First-Year Show. Besides all things acting, Maggie is a head coach for Oratory Now, an opinions editor for the student newspaper the Middlebury Campus, and a member of the community service social house, Tavern. She also served as the director of the Student Affairs Committee in the Student Government Association throughout her sophomore year. Maggie is currently studying abroad in Madrid, Spain, but is excited to return home to perform with PTP in New York City this summer.

Meili Huang

Meili Huang ’23 

Meili Huang is a theatre major from Shenzhen, China, minoring in Spanish. Her Middlebury acting credits include No One Is Forgotten, Everybody, finally, Julius Caesar, Bullets and Shells (24 Hour Play Festival) and Jump! (FYS 2019). Directing credit includes Ophelia Underwater. Costuming credits include Which Way Is Up? (FYS 2021), The Orphan Muses, and finally. This semester, she will appear in The Moors as the Moor-Hen. Around campus, she can be found jamming with jazz cats or working in the Costume Shop. To see more of her works, visit

Victoria Keith

Victoria Keith ’23

Victoria is a theatre major at Middlebury College. Middlebury acting credits include Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play (Jenny), She Kills Monsters (Evil Gabbi), and Ophelia Underwater (Nanny). Tech credits include PTP/NYC’s Standing on the Edge of Time (Assistant Director/ASM), Big Fish (Choreographer), Dinner with Friends (Scenic Designer), I and You (ASM), and Happy (Wardrobe). She has performed in three world premiere plays—Sloppy Firsts; Hear. Eye. Stand.; and Beach Week—as part of the Teen Performance Company at Round House Theatre in Bethesda, Maryland.

Zack Maluccio ’23

Zack Maluccio ’23 

Zack is a theatre and economics double major from Indianapolis, Indiana. His Middlebury credits include Company (Robert), She Kills Monsters (Orcus), Working (Delivery Boy), and Jump! (FYS 2019). Directing credits include Until I Do and the upcoming MCMT production. He currently works as an intern for the Town Hall Theater, recently acting in their Young Company production of The Servant of Two Masters (Silvio) and stage managing their summer production of Newsies. Outside of the department, he is a board member for Middlebury College Musical Theatre, plays for the MGP Ultimate Frisbee team, and performs frequently at WOMP. Zack laughs in the face of Gibson’s unwavering faith that the Jacksonville Jaguars will eventually win a Super Bowl (yet continues to blindly support the Indianapolis Colts).

Will Napper ’23 

Will Napper ’23 

Will is a Theatre and Political Science double major from Westport, New York. Never acting before high school, he debuted at Midd in the 2019 First-Year Show Jump! (Chupacabra) before getting sucked into the wild world of lighting design. Shows he has lit include Chapters, Happy, Gidion’s Knot, Dry Land, and Botticelli in the Fire. This semester he can be found under the lights again in The Moors (Mastiff). When not dazzling you with light and color he can often be found wearing some summer camp apparel, explaining how Ross dining hall is actually the best, or being the loudest one in the room with Beck.

Charlie Porto

Charlie Porto ’23 

Charlie is a neuroscience/theatre double major from the warm beaches of Miami, Florida. He has appeared in 9 to 5, The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon, and Jump!, and has worked lights for many, many shows. He is a technical member of Middlebury Discount Comedy and labors in the production studio. In his spare time, Charlie likes to read poetry and potentially pretentious novels whilst completing the art hipster aesthetic by listening to the likes of Bob Dylan and Tom Misch.

Aidan Amster ’23

Aidan Amster ’23.5 

Aidan is a joint theatre and English major from San Francisco, California. Her Middlebury acting credits include Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play (Maria), The Pussy Grabber Plays, and Jump! (first-year show 2019). She is also very excited to be in The Moors this fall. Outside of theatre, she loves singing with her a cappella group, the Middlebury Mischords, and playing acoustic and electric guitar. 

Beck Barsanti ’23.5 

Beck Barsanti ’23.5 

Beck is a joint theatre and English major from Nantucket, Massachusetts. Acting credits include Together ApartUntil I Do (Jamie), Giants Have Us in Their Books (Oswald), and Company (David). When not onstage, Beck can be found singing with the Middlebury Mamajamas a cappella group, writing poetry, wandering the Middlebury campus aimlessly with a podcast on, or sitting behind a Dungeon Master screen doing funny voices for dragons and goblins. 

Kayla Schwartz

Kayla Schwartz ’23.5

Kayla Schwartz is a theatre major with a directing focus from Cleveland, Ohio. She previously directed Bullets and Shells from the Middlebury 24-hour play festival We’ll Name This Later and stage-managed Orphan Muses (ASM). Lighting design credits include the first-year show Which Way Is Up? and No One Is Forgotten. In front of the scenes, you may have seen her acting in Mr. Burns (Troy McClure) or The Kaleidoscope Festival (Guil). All that being said, her most notable and prized credit during her time at Middlebury wa as a stunt double for Ophelia in Ophelia Underwater. Outside of theatre, you can find her in the natatorium practicing with the diving team or writing with Middlebury Discount Comedy. If Kayla plays her cards right, she will go down in history as Pitbull’s #2 fan.

Annabelle Iredale

Annabelle Iredale ’23.5 

Annabelle is a theatre and neuroscience double major from Rhode Island. Her Middlebury College acting credits include Company (Sarah), She Kills Monsters (Kaliope), Everybody (B), and Together Apart, and her lighting design credits include Which Way Is Up?! She is one of three theatre liaisons for the department and is copresident of Middlebury College Musical Theatre. Outside of theatre, you can find her singing with the Middlebury Mamajamas a cappella group or her student band, Mutual Friends. She is also founder and president of Middlebury’s first jump rope club. She is very passionate about cereal, competitive jump rope, headbands, and watching ballroom dancing.

Katelyn Wenkoff

Katelyn Wenkoff ’24 

Katelyn Wenkoff is a Theatre and Psychology double major from Nashville, TN. Her Middlebury College credits include Rhinoceros (Waitress/Narrator 1), Company (Susan), She Kills Monsters (Lilith), Everybody (Stuff/Somebody 1), Until I Do (Cathy), Big Fish (The Witch), and Together Apart. This past summer she was thrilled to participate in PTP/NYC’s 35th season at Atlantic Stage 2, in which she understudied and assisted the stage manager in a production of Sex, Grift, and Death. Katelyn has previously studied with the NHSI Theatre-Arts Division at Northwestern University. She is also co-president of Middlebury College Musical Theatre and a member of the Middlebury Mamajamas a capella group.

Qinyi Hua '24.5

Qinyi Hua ’24.5

Originally from Shanghai, China, Qinyi Hua is a double major in theatre and art history. Middlebury stage management credits include Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play (assistant stage manager) and Rhinoceros (stage manager). As a design focus, she sound designed Friends: the one in the zoo and the upcoming And Baby Makes Seven, and hope to explore more about light and set design soon. Professional credits include 2022 PTP/NYC (COVID Compliance Officer/ASM). Outside of theatre, you can find her wearing all-black outfit, drinking bubble tea and learning skateboarding.

Sophie Butler-Rahman

Sophie Butler-Rahman ’25 

Sophie is a theatre and Arabic double major from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her Middlebury credits include Which Way Is Up? (Krishna, Dolly, Wife), Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play (Nelson/Ensemble), and The Moors (Marjory/Mallory). Outside of the department, she is tapping in the On Tap dance troupe and writes about theatre in the Middlebury Campus. She is a huge coffee junkie and usually has a maple latte in hand. 

August Siegel ’25 

August Siegel ’25 

August is a theatre major with a design focus from the Lower East Side, New York. Their Middlebury stage management credits include Which Way Is Up? (FYS 2021), We’ll Name This Later (24-Hour Play Festival 2022), and Mr. Burns. This fall, August produced, designed, and acted in The Nightman Cometh and did sound design for the 2022 First-Year Show. They are currently the treasurer of the Hepburn Zoo and Creating Art Together, as well as a proud member of the Quadball team. August can often be found working in the scene shop and asking Jim too many questions, or putting too much on their plate both in the dining hall and in life.

Urian Vasquez ’25 

Urian Vasquez ’25 

Urian is a Theatre and Music joint-major from Santa Fe, NM. His Middlebury College acting credits include Fun Home (Roy et. al, slated), MCMT’s Big Fish (Will), and the 26th Annual First-Year Show: Which Way is Up?. His stage-managing credits include The Moors and The Nightman Cometh. Urian is also one of three student liaisons for the Theatre Department and is the social chair of Middlebury College Musical Theatre. Urian has been performing since 2013, and he loves nothing more than the sense of community he consistently finds within the arts, especially here at Middlebury. He also loves magic and fantasy; if you want to talk about Percy Jackson, need a D&D player, or want help writing a fantasy novel, he is all ears!