BOLD Scholars with President Patton

We will post an update on the future of the BOLD Women’s Leadership Network at Middlebury in March 2024.

Funded by The Helen Gurley Brown Foundation, the BOLD Women’s Leadership Initiative is a pioneering program cultivating courageous leadership in young women during the college years and beyond.

BOLD focuses on facilitating opportunities for women’s career development and networking through scholarship funding, programming, and post-graduation fellowships. In the spirit of Helen Gurley Brown, the program equips young women to be innovative agents of change in whatever respective field or industry they decide to pursue. By awarding scholarship and fellowship money, the Initiative will mitigate financial burdens while allowing young leaders to pursue their interests. Ultimately, the program will empower young college women to become leaders in their life and careers after college.

Program Highlights


The Helen Gurley Brown Foundation will provide significant support to the development of young women leaders through the allocation of scholarship funding to BOLD Scholars. 

Helen Gurley Brown Fellowships 

The Initiative gives scholars the opportunity to research and develop their own post-graduation fellowship in support of their individual career goals. 


Middlebury BOLD will host an annual retreat/outing (or series of outings) to include BOLD Scholars, mentors, and other women leaders in the BOLD network across sectors.