Fall 2024

Departure from the U.S. August 20
Arrival in Japan August 21
Move to orientation site after night in airport hotel August 22
Middlebury orientation, start of Middlebury courses August 22-29
Move into ICU dorms TBD
ICU Orientation August 30-September 4
ICU Matriculation September 3
Registration September 4-5
ICU Classes Begin September 6
ICU Reading Day November 15
ICU Autumn Term Exams November 16-22
Middlebury classes end (fall students vacate dorms) November 30

View the ICU academic calendar.

Full year students remain at ICU for Winter Term: December 6 - March 7. There is an end-of-year break from December 20 to January 6. Please view the detailed ICU calendar here.

Spring 2024 (for reference)

Departure from the U.S. March 19
Arrival; stay in hotel near Narita airport March 20
Move to orientation site, Middlebury orientation begins March 21
ICU Orientation for New Students March 28-29
ICU Matriculation April 2
ICU Orientation for New Students April 3-4
Registration April 5 & 8
ICU Classes Begin April 9
No Class May 3-4
Reading Day June 17
Exams June 18-24
Program Ends (vacate dorms) June 25*

*Students may stay in the dorms until June 30 after their finals end.

View the ICU academic calendar.


2024-2025 Fees

Semester Tuition/Trimester 1 or 3 (includes room and health insurance): $29,725
Year Tuition (includes room and health insurance): $59,450

Middlebury College students pay an additional $1,900 study abroad fee per semester.

Estimated Out-of-Pocket Expenses

  Semester Year
Board $1,500 $3,700
Books/Supplies $200 $600
Personal $670 $1,900
Travel from New York $2,000 $2,000
Visa/Residency Permits $130 $200
Total $4,500 $8,400

Note: Personal expenses cover some basic necessities (local transportation, cell phone, bank fees, program-sponsored excursions, etc.) and do not include your discretionary spending (e.g. entertainment, fitness, and travel). All fees subject to change. Exchange rate used: $1 = JPY 148.