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Project design, proposal, and approval process

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A student is encouraged to begin designing and conceptualizing their independent project in their junior year, in consultation with their primary academic advisor. The academic advisor is not necessarily the project advisor, see below. The project can take many forms, based on the student’s area of interest and scholarship within the chosen curricular track.

  • For the Choreography and Performance track, the project will take the form of a formal concert work and written thesis.
  • For the Production and Technology track, the project will involve all elements of the production of a design-focused concert work and a written thesis.
  • For the Dance Studies track, the project will take the form of a public lecture and written thesis.

 The project is typically completed during the last term of the senior year.

Senior independent work (DANC 0700) is tailored to each student’s educational goals and is arrived at through a proposal and advising process. The entire dance faculty considers, comments upon, and eventually approves or modifies the student’s proposal. Senior work is expected to consolidate study during the previous three years; challenge the student to develop further depth, skill, clarity and grasp in the chosen area; and demonstrate her/his readiness to pursue advanced work in this area.  All projects include substantial research and writing, but may take many forms. Interdisciplinary work across the broader college curriculum is encouraged. 

  • Students request and are supported by a committee that includes a primary and a secondary advisor from the dance program, and a third advisor from another discipline.
  • Approval of a performance project is contingent upon the successful production of at least one piece in a fall or spring dance program concert.
  • For projects with a performance component, a weekly production seminar meeting is required during the semester the project is realized.
  • A project defense will be scheduled with the faculty committee at the completion of the project. 

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