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Three semesters before graduation (typically spring of the junior year), the student will:

  • Identify area of research, and formulate, broadly, the format of the project.
  • Identify the completion date, i.e. spring, winter, or fall semester.
  • Identify a primary project advisor. This should be a dance faculty member, but does not have to be the primary academic advisor. The faculty member must accept the request to be the project advisor.
  • Write a short description of the proposed work, if there is a public presentation involved in the project. This “blurb” will be used for publicity.

 Two semesters before graduation, the student will:

  • Draft a project proposal, based on the dance program’s project proposal form, enclosed in this document. This draft will be reviewed by the primary advisor. A revised draft of the proposal is circulated to the entire dance faculty for review, discussion, and approval. Additional revisions may be required. For spring projects, the proposal deadline is October 1, for fall projects, the deadline is March 1.
  • Please note that a projected budget is required as part of the proposal process. See the enclosed production handbook for additional details.
  • Identify and request a thesis committee, made up by the primary advisor, a second advisor from the dance faculty, and a third advisor from another discipline.
  • Assist the dance program with writing descriptions of the project for additional publicity.

 During the last semester the student will:

  • Meet regularly with primary advisor
  • work intensively to complete project
  • periodically present work in progress to dance faculty or committee
  • If presenting a theatrical performance, participate in a weekly production seminar
  • Present results of research publicly. Exact format depends on the design of project, and is formulated in consultation with the committee during the proposal process.

Sample Timetable

Week No.



Items Due


Feb 15-21

  • Auditions/casting: technique requirement
  • Scheduling
  • Project overview
  • costume measurements
  • sign up for student symposium


Feb 22-28

  • budget proposal
  • research board: costumes/lighting/set
  • schedule defense with committee


Feb 29-March 6

  • 1st showings: Fri March 4, 4pm
    • 50% complete
    • show costume ideas: images or clothes
    • music/set choices discussed and in design phase
    • concepts/research/drawings shown


March 7-13

  • meet with Michael re sound choices
  • press release draft due Friday March 11
  • marketing survey online research project: website, resume, video reels
  • begin compiling video portfolio


March 14-20

  • begin programs: bios, piece info, notes


March 21-27

  • Begin lighting concepts
  • begin poster and invitation design concepts
  • final press release due Friday March 25


March 28-April 3

  • Spring Break


April 4-10

  • 2nd showing Tuesday April 5 4:30pm
    • 95% complete
    • budget proposal
    • costume ideas
    • music/set choices made and shown
  • invitations to printer Friday April 8
  • revise research board


April 11-17

  • schedule group work time in media lab
  • posters to printer Friday April 15


April 18-24

  • final lighting concepts due Wednesday, April 20
  • 3rd showing: Friday April 22 4pm
    • 100% complete
    • music master mix complete
    • costumes complete
  • distribute posters Friday April 22
  • final program copy due Friday April 22


April 25-May 1

  • hang and focus any specials Friday April 29, 1-4pm
  • organize reception
  • final sound files to Jenn


May 2-8

  • tech week, 6:30-10:30 each night, Mon-Sat


May 9-15

  • rough draft of final paper to primary advisor
  • reconcile budget
  • turn in any remaining receipts
  • costumes cleaned, returned to shop


May 16-22

  • Defense: time TBD
    • Paper due to committee 48 hrs before, hard copy
  • final budget: include with paper
  • complete video portfolio

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