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Written Work

If presenting a theatrical performance, a reflection paper (around 10-15 pages) will be completed within two weeks of the public presentation. Keep a journal throughout to document your process including insights and changes. Your final paper should include and reflect on this process and evaluate your experience both in terms of quality and quantity of work. Be sure to address:

  • Risk and development in relation to previous work.
  • Choreographic process (evolution of project and working procedure with members of committee and dancers from audition to performance). How did final project differ from original proposal and why?
  • Organization (scheduling, showings, production aspects, publicity, tech)
  • Critical evaluation of quality of final project

Other formats will require other written work, to be determined with the committee. All written work must conform to guidelines in the Chicago Manual of Style. This is your record of your project; one copy will remain on file in the dance office for future students; another will be sent to the library. See the program coordinator to read previous papers on file.

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