German House

german house

Max Kade Center for German Studies
40 College St.
The Kade Center is the German academic interest house, where six students can live (in two doubles and two singles) to improve or maintain their language skills. Living at the house entails signing a language pledge similar to that of Middlebury's summer school. This pledge obliges the student to speak only German while in the house. The Center was recently built to accommodate the large events that the German House sponsors, such as a German Techno-party, the weekly cafe, and departmental dinners. The house features a kitchen, common room, and a porch.

The German house is a fun place and possibly the most exciting language house on campus. Students and a young teaching assistant from Germany live there and organize a variety of informal activities (parties, movie nights, cooking, tutoring sessions, and also Kaffeestunde), all connected to the German language and culture. Students agree to speak German as much as possible, in order to imitate the German way of life and learn to use German in their daily activities.

Students wishing to live in the German House submit a short application form to the German House adviser in February. An invitation to apply will be sent out at the beginning of the spring semester.



Kaffeestunde, the weekly coffee hour at the German House, has become a cherished tradition. Students and professors gather from 4:30 to 6:00 on Friday afternoons for informal German conversation, freshly-baked pies and cakes and delicious coffee. Children and friends are most welcome.

Movie nights

Several times each semester, students gather to watch a German movie together. Whether someone has never seen Lola Rennt or Das Leben der Anderen or is dying to see it again, anyone can request a film by asking the resident to schedule it.

Theme Parties and Special Occasions

Oktoberfest, Christmas-tree trimming and cookie baking, or Karneval—there are numerous reasons for students to celebrate at the German House. New suggestions for parties are always welcome.

In October 2009, the German Department joined world-wide celebrations marking the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Cold War Berlin Wall. Students and faculty together built (and later dismantled) a replica of the Wall on campus.



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