Requirements for the Major

Students are normally required to complete eight courses in German, above GRMN 0299, including at least one advanced level seminar (above GRMN 0399) or a 0700 level honors thesis during the senior year. Where appropriate, one course may be taken in English. At the beginning of each term a placement test is administered for incoming students to determine which course would be most suitable for their level of competence. The department expects that majors will spend at least one semester of study in a German-speaking country before graduating. Normally, they will spend one or two semesters at the Freie Universität in Berlin, the Universität Potsdam and/or the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz.

Students majoring in German will need to enroll in at least one course above 0299 before going abroad. This course can be taken in the Middlebury German Department or during the German School in the summer. They will also need to enroll in two courses on campus after their return from Study Abroad. As a fulfillment of their degree requirements, German majors may count not more than 5 courses taken outside of the German Department at Middlebury College.


To be a candidate for honors, students must have an average of at least B+ in German. Honors work (a senior thesis or project) is normally done during a student’s last year at Middlebury.

Minor in German

The German minor consists of a sequence of five courses, taught in German, starting at or above the 0200-level. At least three of those courses must be at the 0300-level or higher and at least three of the five required courses have to be taken during the regular academic year at Middlebury College. First-year students who place above the 0200-level in the placement test must take at least one 0400-level course as part of their minor. One course may be satisfied through advanced placement (AP) credit in combination with a departmental placement test.

Credit for Advanced Placement 

Credit for Advanced Placement is given for scores of 4 or 5, a high score on the departmental placement test, and a placement conference with the student. In addition, the student must successfully complete at least one course above the 0200-level in the department, taught in German, to qualify for AP credit.

Study in Germany

The Middlebury School in Germany has sites located in Berlin, Potsdam and Mainz.