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Requirements for Joint Majors

To complete a joint major, a student is required to:

1. Secure formal approval from advisors and chairs (or designees) in both departments or programs. To gain that approval, the student is required to work with the chairs (or designees) of both departments or programs on an academic program for completion of the proposed joint major. The minimum requirements agreed upon, and the overall program, along with the combined total of 14 fall and spring semester courses, must be submitted in writing with the signature of the two department or program chairs (or designees) to the Office of the Registrar.

2. Complete a senior work program. The senior work of joint majors must demonstrate in a single project an integration of the two majors that the student has selected. The project will be jointly advised by a faculty member from each of the two relevant program/department.

Joint majors are required to draw up in consultation with their advisors, a contract describing the requirements for their senior project. Such a contract will specify deadlines, citation form, and any other requirements for joint senior work that have been agreed upon by advisors and student.

It is the expectation of the GSFS program that at least one semester of senior work be devoted primarily to the concerns of feminist studies. You do not need to have a GSFS faculty member as a primary advisor, but one must be involved throughout the development of the project to make sure senior work is consistent with GSFS requirements.

A student declaring a joint major may not declare any other major.

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