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African Studies Recent Student Theses

2018, Sylvia Lynch, "La Vie en Blanche: The Gendered Experience of Women with Albinism in Cameroon and Tanzania"

2017, Sara Swett, "The Interconnectedness of Women in Iringa, Tanzania: Their Stories, Constraints, Resistance, and Relational-Esteem"

2016, Emma Gee, "Eating Habits of Children in Cameroon: How children and their mothers conceptualize their foods and diets"

2016, Anna Chamby, "Les Vraies Femmes Camerounaises: Healthcare-Seeking Negotiations of Motherhood Among Women in Yaounde, Cameroon"

2013, Hannah Stonebraker, "Culture & Power in African Monarchy: What Monarchy Can Tell Us About Democracy"

2011, Stephanie Rademeyer, "Je t'Aime Moi Non Plus: Ambivalence dans les Relations Sino-Africaines"

2006, Helen Price Massey, "An Analysis of Leadership in the Fight against HIV/AIDS: The Cases of South Africa, Malawi, and Uganda"